CrossDocking, Package Forwarding and Reverse Logistic Services.

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Selling to Spain?

If you are selling to Spain, you can save time & money with DropService. You just have to send us all products you have sold and we will do all the process of packing, include deliver note, shipping, reverse logistic, etc.. We use premium courier companies where we have very low rates.

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Dropservice Technology

Our technology allows to automate all the process, you can connect your ERP, eCommerce o WMS vía API/XML/CSV to DropService.

We provide all features and technologies required to make extremely easy to start working with DropService. No need of complex systems, complex contracts, or never-ending agreements. You will have all the info about every order and every step, we provide integrated tracking with shipping agency.

CrossDocking made fast!

We don't need to store or classify products, our technology allows us to prepare all orders in the process of unboxing suppliers order.

DropServices managed to handle 3000 orders/day from 60,000 different SKUs last Christmas

Eduardo Requena ReverShop
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Cloud Solution. Pay as you go.

Forget about complicated contracts, configurations, and other "last century" problems. Dropservice can be setup easily, always available in high performance servers, no installation required. With our SaaS solution, we charge you on sent orders, no initial or monthly fee. The best win-win solution.

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CrossDocking Services in Spain

You just have to sent us all the products you have sold in a period of time. You can use Pallets or Big Boxes. We will repackage all the products, include the right delivery note and/or invoice and ship again with a premium local shipping agency.

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Reverse Logistic in Spain

We will provide a local return address or pick-up the product from customer's home. We can process all returned products, check product status, consolidate all returned order and send back to your warehouse or to another customer.

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Package Forwarding!

If you just need Package Forwarding, we will forward all incoming orders re-labeling with local shipping agency tracking.

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You pay for each order, no hidden fees, no hidden additional costs.

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Tracking Info

You will have total control of the status of each order, tracking info, issues, etc..

Choose your plan


2,3 /order

+ shipping (3,15€ for 3kg)
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For starters, try our services.

  • Features
  • Up to 100 orders/month
  • Up to 10 Pallet or Box receptions
  • email support


1,99 /order

+ shipping (3,10€ for 3kg)
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Business Growing? This plan is for you!

  • Features
  • Up to 500 orders/month
  • Up to 20 Pallet or Box receptions
  • Integration Support
  • Phone support


1,8 /order

+ shipping (3,05€ for 3kg)
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For Advanced Retailers with more than 1,000 orders/month.

  • Features
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Unlimited Pallet or Box receptions
  • Supplier Integration Support
  • Phone support

Who we are?

Dropservice is a solution from founder team of deMartina.com. Leading retail business in Spain.,

We have prepared orders for top retailers companies like Huawei, Philips, Billabong, Privalia, Carrefour, etc..

We've chosen DropServices because its flexibility and rates transparency.

Carlos Cañero CFO in QaShops

Contact us info@dropservice.es!

Want to know more about selling in Spain with us? Contact with us and we help you evaluating all available choices.

<>Dropservice saved our Christmas last year. They solved a chaos we had with our suppliers shipments.

CEO Reversoshop Leader Marketplace Seller